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Super Baked Turquoise

Super Baked Turquoise

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Super Toasted! Ever felt like you're just one fry short of a Happy Meal? If so, we've got the tee that's just the right flavor for you. 

Introducing the Open925 Super Baked Tee, no matter how you dress it up, from fancy toppings to gourmet seasonings, deep down, we're all just a bunch of spuds trying to get super baked. So, whether you're lounging on the couch, out with friends, or just in the mood for some carb-loaded humor, this tee is sure to be the potato of your eye. Remember, life's a lot more fun when you're super baked... especially if you're a potato.

  • 100% Premium Cotton
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Vibrant Turquoise Color
  • Bold Front and Back Graphic
  • Perfect for Festivals, Beach Days, and Casual Wear
  • Durable and Long-Lasting

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, do not bleach, do not iron on print.

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