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Lo Mein Daisy

Lo Mein Daisy

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🍜 Unleash your playful side with Open925's Lo Mein Tee in a vibrant Daisy hue. This isn't just a tee; it's a conversation starter. Whether you're a foodie or just love a good pun, this shirt is sure to turn heads and spark smiles.

Crafted with premium cotton, it's not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable. So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Dive into the world of Open925 and wear your love for humor and noodles on your sleeve, or in this case, your chest.


  • Men's Graphic Tee for Ultimate Casual Vibes
  • Comfortable and Breathable Design
  • Playful and Humorous Noodle Print
  • Perfect for Casual Outings, Food Festivals, and More

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