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Drunk I Am Tie Dye Tank Top

Drunk I Am Tie Dye Tank Top

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Ever had one of those days where you're just a duck out of water... or perhaps a duck too deep in the sauce 🍺? For those who love to waddle on the wild side, we introduce the "Drunk I Am Tie Dye Tank Top" from Open925. This isn't just a tank; it's a vibrant splash of colors and giggles, perfect for those who believe that sometimes, we all get a little "ducked up."

Drenched in a psychedelic swirl of tie dye, this tank top is as unpredictable and fun as a tipsy duck's dance. Crafted from 100% soft cotton, it's as comfortable as floating on a calm pond. The design is unisex, because let's face it, we all have our "ducky" days. And the print? A playful duck, looking like it's had one too many, reminding us to always find the humor in life's wobbles.

Whether you're at a summer festival, a pool party, or just lounging with friends, this tank top is sure to quack up the crowd. 

  • 100% Preshrunk cotton
  • Unisex Tye dye tank top
  • Front graphic

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