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Drinking Problem Carolina Blue

Drinking Problem Carolina Blue

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Ever felt like your drink finishes too quickly? Or that your glass is always, annoyingly, half-empty 🍷? If you've ever been accused of having a "drinking problem" because you're always looking for the next refill, then we've got the tee that understands you. Introducing the "Drinking Problem Tee" from Open925. It's not just a shirt; it's a nod to those who believe the only real problem is an empty glass.

Crafted in a shade of blue that reminds you of your favorite vintage, this tee is a blend of humor and style. Made from 100% soft cotton, it's as smooth on your skin as that aged whiskey is on your palate. The design? Unisex, because a love for drinks knows no gender. And the print? Bold and clear, just like your beverage preferences.

So, the next time you're at a bar, a party, or just sipping at home, let this tee be your companion. Remember: life's too short for empty glasses. Wear your "Drinking Problem Tee" with pride and let the world know that the only problem you have is deciding what to drink next.

  • 100% Preshrunk cotton
  • Unisex tee
  • Front and back print
  • Soft feel
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